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Behaviors At School

Behaviors Related To Attention

Most children gain attention in school or at home in normal, positive ways. However, some children feel that misbehaving is their best way to get attention. These children are the ones who constantly speak out without permission in school or make strange noises at the dinner table that force everyone to stop their conversation and pay attention. Some children will even tell us about all the bad things they have done that day. They are misbehaving in an attempt to gain attention. You can identify Attention as the cause for inappropriate behavior by the feeling the behavior generates within you. When Attention is the reason for the misbehavior, you will generally feel Annoyed.
The Class Clown

Other Behaviors (with a paid membership)

  • The Animal
  • The Apple Polisher
  • The Arrogant
  • The Attention Demander
  • The Blabbermouth
  • The Blurter
  • The Boss
  • The Bully
  • The Chiseler
  • The Complainer
  • The Disengaged
  • The Disrupter
  • The Distracter
  • The Exaggerator
  • The Fighter
  • The Forgetter
  • The Foulmouth
  • The Goer
  • The Goldbrick
  • The Gossip
  • The Griper
  • The Hider
  • The Immature
  • The Intellectual Show-Off
  • The Interrupter
  • The Know-It-All
  • The Last Worder
  • The Late Arriver
  • The Lewd
  • The Liar
  • The Loudmouth
  • The Lover
  • The Malcontent
  • The Noisemaker
  • The Noncompleter with Grand Plans
  • The Nonparticipator
  • "Not My Fault"
  • The Objector
  • The Pest
  • The Petty Rules Breaker
  • The Procrastinator
  • The Questioner
  • The Rabble Rouser
  • The Repeater
  • The Selfish
  • The Sexuality Broadcaster
  • The Shadow
  • The Show-Off
  • The Sidetracker
  • The Skipper
  • The Snoop
  • The Spoiled
  • The Swearer
  • The Talker
  • Talks Back
  • The Tardy
  • The Tattletale
  • The Teaser
  • The Test Challenger
  • The Unprepared
  • The Victim
  • The Wanderer