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Four Steps Model
Step 1: Identify the Behavior
Step 2: Understand the Effects
Step 3: Identify the Cause
Step 4: Avoid Mistakes

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Behaviors At School

The Rebel

Behavior: Specific attitudes and actions of this child at home and/or at school.

  • Easy to identify. Everything he/she does says, "I'm a rebel."

  • Wants to be different.

  • Dresses uniquely.

  • Does not accept the values of others, especially those in authority.

  • Outspoken, bitter, and seems to be against everything.

  • Disruptive.

  • Seldom cooperates.

  • Always knows what he/she is against, but doesn't always know what he/she favors.

  • Thinks others can't understand his/her individuality, are unfair in this regard, and are the cause of his/her unhappiness.

  • Though regarded as a troublemaker by students and teachers alike, often does not see him/herself that way.

  • May see him/herself as a champion for other students.

  • In truth, does not trust anyone very much, including him/herself.