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Four Steps Model
Step 1: Identify the Behavior
Step 2: Understand the Effects
Step 3: Identify the Cause
Step 4: Avoid Mistakes

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Behaviors At School

"I Don't Care"

Behavior: Specific attitudes and actions of this child at home and/or at school.

  • Always says, "I don't care" to anyone who will listen.

  • Says, "I don't care" nonverbally too-through behavior and attitudes.

  • Usually fails to bring materials to class.

  • Doesn't do assignments.

  • Inattentive.

  • Shows disgust or lack of interest in class activities all the time.

  • Makes up any kind of excuse which he/she thinks will work in the situation-especially "I forgot."

  • Doesn't follow directions.

  • Doesn't listen.

  • Doesn't do well academically.

  • Often, in trouble in more than one class-and out of school as well.