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Four Steps Model
Step 1: Identify the Behavior
Step 2: Understand the Effects
Step 3: Identify the Cause
Step 4: Avoid Mistakes

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The Blabbermouth
The Gossip
The Liar
The Noncompleter with Grand Plans
Behaviors At School

The Exaggerator

Behavior: Specific attitudes and actions of this child at home and/or at school.

  • Not a child we dislike-just one we don't always totally believe or trust.

  • What this student says is true-partially. But he/she makes every detail bigger, and adds something to every incident or story.

  • Often, his/her behavior leans more toward the flamboyant than a lie.

  • Credibility may be questioned in every situation unless he/she receives teacher help.

  • Wants attention.

  • Exaggerates to appear important or to make small events important. This is a vital clue in helping this student change behavior.

  • Has strong need to relate to and be accepted by others.