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Four Steps Model
Step 1: Identify the Behavior
Step 2: Understand the Effects
Step 3: Identify the Cause
Step 4: Avoid Mistakes

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Behaviors At School

The Angel

Behavior: Specific attitudes and actions of this child at home and/or at school.

  • Plays a game of being perfect with adults. Displays attitudes and actions at home and/or school which project him/her as perfect when, indeed, he/she is not.

  • Tells people exactly what they want to hear.

  • Perfect in the presence of authority. Not so perfect when authority is not present.

  • Often reprimands classmates in the presence of others.

  • Defensive and hurt when confronted.

  • Pushes rules, but denies having broken any-ever.

  • Always alludes to innocence-in thought and deed.

  • In some situations, acts naive if confronted.

  • Goes to great lengths to show how "goody-goody" he/she is.

  • Likes seeing classmates "nailed to the wall."