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Behaviors At School

The Distracter

Behavior: Specific attitudes and actions of this child at home and/or at school.

  • Talks at inappropriate times, and gets others to join in the conversation.

  • Asks questions which are not related to the subject matter.

  • Interrupts during directions.

  • Easily distracted and may play with objects.

  • Has a short attention span.

  • Often relates better to younger students because he/she is not accepted by peers.

  • Seldom totally absorbed in the lesson.

  • Watches others more than he/she participates with others.

  • Behavior is mainly annoying. Seems to be more a social problem than a discipline problem.

List of Behaviors

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Please Note
We are labeling behaviors, not children! For the sake of convenience, we will describe behaviors with terms such as The Whiner or The Interrupter.

Never use such labels when talking to—or about—children! Doing so could cause many new problems and seriously damage the teacher-student or parent-child relationship.