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Behaviors At School

The Crier (Who Claims Foul)

Behavior: Specific attitudes and actions of this child at home and/or at school.

  • Cries immediately-even before anyone can respond to what he/she is crying about.

  • Cries habitually, not occasionally.

  • Cries when faced with mistakes-and even when he/she succeeds.

  • Withdraws from group-withdraws into self.

  • Cries to get his/her own way.

  • Cries when feeling overwhelmed.

  • Cries when faced with authority (teacher).

  • Disturbed by everything, not just a specific issue.

  • Picked on and teased by classmates.

  • May stop immediately when concession is made.

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Please Note
We are labeling behaviors, not children! For the sake of convenience, we will describe behaviors with terms such as The Whiner or The Interrupter.

Never use such labels when talking to—or about—children! Doing so could cause many new problems and seriously damage the teacher-student or parent-child relationship.