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Behaviors At School

The Spoiled

Behavior: Specific attitudes and actions of this child at home and/or at school.

  • Wants teacher's attention. Wants it privately and exclusively whenever he/she feels the need.

  • Wants his/her way-always.

  • Acts as if his/her desires are more important than those of classmates.

  • Expects special treatment.

  • Expects good grades whether or not his/her performance really warrants them.

  • Complains about not receiving proper attention.

  • Usually overprotected by parents.

  • Usually has more possessions than classmates have. Social and economic class of parents is immaterial. Often, poor children with sacrificing parents are the most spoiled.

  • Not appreciative.

  • Doesn't care about others.

  • Totally self-centered.

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Please Note
We are labeling behaviors, not children! For the sake of convenience, we will describe behaviors with terms such as The Whiner or The Interrupter.

Never use such labels when talking to—or about—children! Doing so could cause many new problems and seriously damage the teacher-student or parent-child relationship.