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Behaviors At Home

Before you can begin trying to change a child's behavior, you have to properly identify that behavior. The identification must be specific—for example, The Talker, The Cheater, or The Bully. Select a behavior to learn more.

Behaviors Related To Affiliation

1. The Alibier

2. The Angel

3. The Angry

4. The Apathetic

5. The Blabbermouth

6. The Blurter

7. The Complainer

8. The Dreamer

9. The Failer

10. The Follower

11. The Griper

12. The Hater

13. The Indifferent

14. The Jealous

15. The Loner

16. The Lover

17. The Name Caller

18. The Noncompleter with Grand Plans

19. The Pest

20. The Pouter

21. The Rebel

22. The Rude

23. The Selfish

24. The Shadow

25. The Shy

26. The Snob

27. The Snotty

28. The Talker

29. Talks Back

30. The Troublemaker

31. The Victim

32. The Vindictive

33. The Whiner

List of Behaviors

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Please Note
We are labeling behaviors, not children! For the sake of convenience, we will describe behaviors with terms such as The Whiner or The Interrupter.

Never use such labels when talking to—or about—children! Doing so could cause many new problems and seriously damage the teacher-student or parent-child relationship.