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Behaviors At Home

The Arrogant

Behavior: How exactly is my child behaving?

  • Generally very bright.

  • Has an inflated ego.

  • May excel in one area, such as athletics, and be arrogant as a result.

  • Often ill-mannered and disrespectful of other parents, teachers, and peers.

  • Probably behaves equally badly at school.

  • Often questions the purpose of decisions, requests, or assignments.

  • Will speak out and say things like "This is dumb," or indicate that others don't measure up in some way.

  • Always seems to be asking "Why?" in a belittling manner.

  • Often fails to complete routine chores or comply with basic rules and regulations.

  • Questions parents' knowledge and authority, and will often present facts and ideas in the hope of contradicting the parent or showing that the parents' knowledge, performance, or thinking is inadequate. May do this with teachers too.

  • Does not appear to like other people.

  • Acts superior. However, the key to this behavior is that the child hopes to make himself or herself look superior by making others look inferior.

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Please Note
We are labeling behaviors, not children! For the sake of convenience, we will describe behaviors with terms such as The Whiner or The Interrupter.

Never use such labels when talking to—or about—children! Doing so could cause many new problems and seriously damage the teacher-student or parent-child relationship.